Icebreakers are tools that can add a lot to the training. They make the learning process more exciting and engaging. They contribute to socialisation and can be used to help participants share and participate in more in-depth plenary reflections and discussion.




A booklet presenting the Partners Network members favourite energisers and icebreakers can be downloaded from the link bellow. We want to thank for their contributions to this collection and their work promoting democratic change around the world. Additionally, thank you to Kyle Shrivastava and Natalie Parsons for their help conducting interviews and compiling this book.

Download the Icebreakers and Energizers collection of Partners Network here.

The Partners Network is a close-knit network made up of 21 local autonomous organizations working for peaceful and democratic change. Our member organizations have been jointly investing in local leaders, local organizations, and local solutions since 1989. Beginning with our first member in Partners Poland, to one of our newest members in Partners Iraq, we represent a rich and diverse group of local initiatives and perspectives.

The Partners Network Centers are some of the most respected and established civil society organizations in their countries. Partners Network members have worked on five continents and in more than 50 countries. We have developed and then shared many programs with each other throughout the years, such as: anti-corruption expertise from Romania, extractive industry conflict resolution from Peru, participatory budgeting from Jordan and countering violent extremism from Yemen.

Regardless of the specific focus, Partners Network members approach their work through effective convening, participatory dialogue, and facilitation. In this spirit, we've brought together some of our favorite ice-breakers and energizers from around the world to celebrate our 30th year of peace and democracy building. We hope you enjoy!

The Partners Network Icebreakers and Energizers.