How can the values ​​of democracy and human rights become a way of life based on shared values ​​such as respect for human dignity, justice, equality, freedom and independence, the rule of law?

Existing educational practices on human rights are insufficient and unsatisfactory, which can be seen in the low results of Bulgarian youth in international assessments of civic education. Through the development of innovative training practices such as the Human Rights Lens program for young people, Partners Bulgaria Foundation contributes to the support of human rights and to the implementation of human rights educational tools for educators and youth facilitators. The program includes video labs for young people and making  videos on community issues. A methodology for conducting a dialogue on human rights issues is also proposed, and the trainings for young people and educators will be followed by a series of 8 public forums “Dialogues about Rights”. The creative activities of young people will be presented in a photo album and in a digital exhibition “Human Rights Lens”. A campaign to protect vulnerable groups will present their ideas and views on important community issues, and the results of all experiences will be reflected in the program of a national conference and in prepared recommendations for improving human rights education policy.

The project will enrich the participating youth and student councils from Varshets, Montana, Blagoevgrad and Gotse Delchev with knowledge and skills on how to apply the human rights approach in analyzing social events and capture elements of reality by confronting discriminatory practices against vulnerable groups. In the long run, the project will help strengthen the institutional capacity of schools and other educational institutions by proposing ideas for changes in human rights education and concrete practices for their implementation. Young people will be able to mobilize more easily, empathize with the vulnerable and counteract negative stereotypes and acts of hatred towards them.

Human Rights Lens is a project implemented by the Partners Bulgaria Foundation in cooperation with the Human Rights Academy, Norway and funded by the Active Citizens Fund, Bulgaria under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area.